Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Guy Algar Founded Motorheads Performance

Why Did Guy Algar Start Motorheads Performance?

Motorheads Performance was the dream of Guy Algar, who had worked in the mechanical engineering field for over 25 years before opening shop in 2004. Guy has owned his own 1955 Belair since he was 16, and has been working on classic cars and trucks for over 35 years. Guy became a Mechanical Engineer because of his love of old cars, and his strong curiosity about how they work. It was clear to him well before he had left high school, and was fostered by his father, who took him under his wing at the young age of 5. Together they worked on cars.

The idea of Motorheads began over 30 years ago! Guy's own classic cars have been through several restorations and upgrades. He is an avid enthusiast who over the years has designed, built, and drag raced his own cars. Before founding Motorheads Performance in 2004, he spent years helping friends and family with their classic cars, trucks, muscle cars and race cars, and learning everything he could about them.

Why Did Guy Algar Leave Mechanical Engineering? 

He didn't!  With his love for old cars, it was natural for Guy to pursue a career as a Mechanical Engineer, where he worked on designing projects such as vacuum machinery used in gold plating, design and install projects for the U.S. Navy, space simulation chambers in use on NASA projects, and nuclear power projects. His specialized training in Mechanical Engineering helps Guy understand the mechanical workings of engines, and helps him troubleshoot elusive problems. In fact, Guy uses the training and 25+ years of experience in Mechanical Engineering each and every day on the job at Motorheads Performance! Guy started Motorheads Performance because it combines so many things he loves...the project design, the hands-on of repairs and performance upgrades, and helping others obtain the car of their dreams.

Guy is also co-owner of Scorpio Design Services, Inc., a consulting business that provides Mechanical Engineering and AutoCAD consulting services to industry and businesses. Here, specialized projects are contracted for specific design concept, drawing and planning.

What Makes You Different Than Other Classic Car Shops?

Guy has a true passion for old cars and trucks, along with tremendous knowledge of the mechanical and technical specs. He strongly believes in repairing and/or restoring our projects correctly. He is a man of integrity, honesty and dedication. Our customers learn this in dealing with Motorheads Performance, and they are qualities they value and appreciate.

We've made the conscious decision NOT to hire a large staff. We enjoy the personal interaction with our customers, and the fact that we know each and every inch of each job we do. This allows us to be accountable for what we do. Your needs and wishes are heard and acted on by the very people who are doing the planning and the work. We deal directly with every customer, and the work we do ourselves is done by us personally.

Because we've repaired and restored our own classics, we understand your needs. We try to provide the types of services we wished we had when we were putting our hot-rods together. And, we understand the need to keep costs affordable. Our goal is to bring affordable hot-rodding to men and women throughout South Central Texas, and to help them achieve their goals for their own vehicles.

Why Did You Open Shop In Leesville?

Motorheads Performance is in a nice, quiet, very rural ranching community a little over an hour away from both San Antonio, Austin and Victoria. We also have customers from Houston, Dallas, Eagle Pass, and from out-of-state. Our more remote locate affords a certain peace of mind for our customers, as we do not receive walk-ins and passers-by. We feel this provides additional safety as well. We're proud of the fact that we provide a comfortable "home" atmosphere. When customers come to visit, they can be assured of a friendly, relaxed, informative and fun visit.

Our Leesville location also allows Guy to maintain his skills in Mechanical Engineering by performing consulting work on projects for other businesses. He is able to keep up-to-date with advances and techniques in engineering, which is helpful with planning and hands-on work performed at Motorheads Performance.